The Top Posts of 2017: Babies Rule

Babies ruled 2017 here at Everything Happens in Threes. It became very clear that many of my readers are expecting new little ones this year and want to know how to prepare. Here are the top 5 posts of 2017 and why I love them.

5. How Becoming A Parent Changes You

This post was inspired by my sister-in-law asking me if it was harder going from 1 to 2 children or 2 to 3 children. In my typical I-can’t-just-answer-the-question fashion, I answered that the hardest was going from 0 to 1 child. Becoming a parent comes with wonderful changes and some that are a little rough. Ultimately becoming a parent changes who you are – in the best way possible.

4. Why You DON’T Want a Short Labor

This is the labor story of my last child. While a short labor sounds like heaven, it was the most painful and stressful of my three. To give you an idea, I started feeling light contractions that I didn’t even identify as contractions around 7:30 pm, decided I was in labor around 9 pm, made the decision to go to the hospital at 9:30 pm, arrived at the hospital around 10 pm and gave birth at 10:59 pm. Yikes! It was a fast and wild ride and I have to say, I’m glad I will never do it again.

3. The Baby Product Must-Haves I Actually Used

As a mom of three, I am not interested in getting every possible baby item in the world. My philosophy is to get the stuff that works and that will save my sanity, and leave everything else in the store. These were the items that were essential to getting me through the first year of my third child’s life.

2. 8 Thing That Happen After You Have a Baby

Recovery and post-partum is so often forgotten when it comes to planning for a baby. For instance, I had no idea that recovery could be worse than actual childbirth. In this post I reveal the truth about childbirth and what comes after, not to scare anyone, but just to prepare new moms so they won’t be caught off-guard like I was the first time.

1. 15 Post-Partum Must Haves That New Moms Need

In a follow-up to 8 Things That Happen After You Have a Baby,  I wrote this post to help new moms remember to add these self-care items to their registry or pre-baby shopping lists. Each product was critical to my recoveries and helped make me comfortable as I adjusted to taking care of another tiny human. This was by FAR my most popular post of the year and I hope that it continues to help new moms make an easier transition into motherhood.

So babies and pregnancy were certainly huge for me this year! What do you want to hear about next year? Let me know in the comments.

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