Time With the Littles 

Every Summer, Christmas and Easter vacation comes with something very precious to me – time with my own kids. In my mind these vacation times are magical moments that my kids will remember forever. I will be calm and engaged (not yelling about messes or bad behavior.) We will spend our time doing crafts and science experiments every day, right alongside our trips to kid friendly locations like aquariums and tidepools and butterfly gardens.
Yeah . . . reality looks a little different.

Most days, my family is lucky if I get dressed. Besides, have you seen how expensive everything is now? One trip to the aquarium for our family of five costs our entire summer vacation budget! Plus, traveling anywhere with three small children can be . . . challenging.
So what do we do with those endless summer hours that will keep kids active and excited about life and learning?

First of all, my kids are little and so are their attention spans. The first thing that I realized is that I don’t have to do anything fancy or long to break up the monotony and add a little bit of fun to our day. Once I let go of the idea that every day had to be Disneyland level magical, I started looking at the world through my kids’ eyes. They find so many things special and amazing simply because they’ve never experienced it before.

What’s more, this is about the kids! It’s not about me, it’s not about Pinterest-worthy products. Research tells us that what is really important for brain development is process. This is one reason the arts are so effective for learning, they are process oriented. Let the kids be kids and create and discover and question and learn without worrying about what it looks like in the end.

So if you are looking to fill the next few days with some go-to activities and fend off the “I’m bored” comments while supporting healthy brain development, start with this Five Days of Fun pack. It is a completely FREE download and has five quick and easy activities you could do at home today.
Now if, like me, you’re facing summer vacation and need a plan, join our 30 Days with Kids Challenge with 30 DAYS of fun things that you and your littles can do for minimal planning and minimal to no cost. Every activity engages kids of different ages and supports learning.

If you really want to have fun with me, I will be doing these activities with my own kids and documenting it on our social media pages starting on Memorial Day. Sign up here join the fun.

For access to our downloads page and to sign up for the 30 Days with Kids Challenge, fill out this short form and get ready to have FUN.

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