The Essential School Supplies for Kindergarten

What School Supplies Will My Kindergartner Need?

My middle child turned 5 in February and you know what that means: Kindergarten is coming! The mama in me is sad to see my little man getting so big and having his own adventures and excited to watch him learn and grow this year. The teacher in me is most excited for the back to school shopping, because let’s face it, teachers LOVE school supplies. Since my daughter went to kindergarten two years ago, I have a much better idea of what things they actually need (and what you can pass on for now.) Some schools have a list of supplies that the children should bring and what to expect, others ask for donations that will be shared by all, but this is a pretty universal list.

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1. Full Size Backpack.

Your child will be bringing home papers, notices, homework folders, and they need a backpack to carry it back and forth in. You want to get the right size, something big enough to fit folders without bending, but small enough that for a kindergartner to manage. I would recommend 14″-16″.There are tons of options, but make sure that you pick something easy to clean. I would also spend a little bit more for one that isn’t going to fall apart after a week. Kids tend to throw them around quite a bit and they can wear out quickly if you go too cheap. It’s not cheaper to buy 2 or 3 different backpacks throughout the year! Also, don’t forget to label it with your child’s first and last name. Here are some cute options from Amazon.

PS Each of these have multiple prints that are good for boys, girls, or either.


2. School Supply Box

Even if your school doesn’t require your child to carry all of their supplies to and from school, you will need something to organize your home supplies in. It’s also a good spot for kids to carry home small objects and prizes. I would recommend getting your child at least two, one for home and one for school.

3. Glue Sticks

Again, even if your school doesn’t require this, glue sticks are a never ending need in a kindergarten class. My beginning of the year gift to primary teachers is always a giant pack of glue sticks. So if you’re wondering if your kid will actually go through that 6 pack you are asked to buy at the beginning of the year, the answer is yes. Yes they will. Probably before Christmas.

4. Big Pencils

For at least the first half of the year, my daughter’s class used the fatter primary pencils. It really helped her to have some at home to use to do her homework.

5. Crayons

Speaking of homework, there are often worksheets that require coloring or color coding. You absolutely should keep a box of crayons around for these occasions. If there are little brothers and sisters in the house, the “washable” crayons are a must.

6. Tissues

Ok, so not technically a school supply, but you will find this item on just about every school list. During flu and cold season, kids will go through about a box a day. Send a small pack with your child and donate a box or two for the classroom – especially mid-year.

Your child’s school may have other requirements or requests, such as a dry erase markers or baby wipes, but these items will definitely get you started. There are also some things that you can pass on in kindergarten:

  1. Rulers
  2. Pens
  3. Highlighters
  4. Binders
  5. Notebooks
  6. Calculators
  7. Sticky Notes

Of course, if you’re like me, you’ll probably get some anyway. You know, just in case.

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