Sweet Success

For those of you that are not my Facebook friends, you missed Reagan’s sad introduction to vegetables. Here was her response to carrots.

Needless to say, she was not impressed.

However, the next veggie we tried was sweet potatoes and she slurped them right up. She was trying to reach out and bite the spoon every time I went back to the bowl. We tried carrots again a few times after that and she  seemed to have mixed feelings about them. One time she will like them and get very excited to eat them. The next time, I see this expression come back.

As far as her PKU is going, I am still waiting on results from her test on the 2nd. It will be her first test after starting solids and I am expecting a pretty big dip in her levels. What we did was remove 30 mg of phe from her milk diet and offer her solid food with approximately 30 mg of phe. Since much of the food ends up on her face, hair, clothes, bib and high chair, I’m sure she’s taking in less than she was. She also seems to have finished a growth spurt and isn’t eating as much milk as she was a month ago when she was eating in huge gulps.

Next up on the vegetable frontier – green beans – my childhood nemesis.

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