Help Your Kids Sleep Without Fear of the Dark With the Night Knights

The Night Knights and Nighttime Fears

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For kids that have a fear of the dark or being alone at night, bedtime routines can get pretty tough. I think all of my kids at some point have gone through phases where they don’t want to sleep in their own beds. Alright, none of them EVER want to go to sleep in their own beds! We’ve heard it all: they’re scared of the dark, they’re scared of monsters, and they just don’t want to be alone. But . . . I want to be able to sleep in my bed too . . . without 3 kids tossing and turning around me. This is where The Night Knights comes in.

What Are The Night Knights

This adorable book and stuffed knight is specifically designed to help your children face their nighttime fears and go to sleep feelinng safe and secure. The Night Knights tells the story of how the Night Knights were sent out to all the homes where they were needed to protect children in the night. It is interactive and encourages the kids to go through a little knighting ceremony with their Night Knight to make him/her strong, smart, quick, and loving. I’ve got to say, the knighting ceremony was really a sweet moment. My kids carefully repeated the phrases and were so happy to have their very own knight. The story reassures children that the Knight Nights will take care of any scary thing that comes along and that they can sleep soundly while the Night Knights go on a quest.

Noah, age 4, in particular really got into the story. Like most 4 year old boys, he is all about characters that are brave and strong – superheroes, policemen, firefighters, and knights. After we read the book, he wanted to go right to sleep cuddled up with Sir Sleep A Lot. I heard some whispering after he got settled under his blankets and he looked up at me and said, “Mommy, I told my knight that I love him.”

Awwww! Sweet right?

The Night Knights Spark Imagination

Another feature of the story is that it tells the kids not to worry if their knight is somewhere else when they wake up because that means they were doing their job patrolling the room. If you are the creative type, you can set up little scenes showing the knights mid-quest, much like Elf on a Shelf. For those that like creating those kinds of magical moments with their kids, Sir and Lady Sleep A Lot can certainly go on all kinds of adventures and find plenty of monsters to vanquish. Or you can do something simple like moving the knight to the other side of the room, or on top of a dresser or on a shelf.

I’ve never been one to do that kind of activity. At the end of a day of working, my creative juices are running a little low. Also, Reagan has a fear of toys coming to life and I wouldn’t want to freak her out. Fortunately, with the Night Knights, there are no rules! Part of the story is that they go on their quest to keep kids safe and maybe they just returned back to bed after a long night of chasing down monsters. Or perhaps, there was nothing scary at all that night and the Night Knights got the chance to enjoy a restful night, safe in bed. What I love about this is the idea that children have big imaginations – big imaginations can create scary monsters, but big imaginations can also create great adventures for their knights to fight those monsters.

What I Love About The Night Knights

The Nights Knights is more than a bedtime story, it’s more than a toy, and it’s more than a tool for helping your kids sleep soundly. What I love the most about The Night Knights is that it introduces a whole way of thinking about bedtime. It encourages kids to use their imagination in a positive way and turn the scary things into comforting things.


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