Kidloland Toddler App Review

I received 3 months of a full Kidloland subscription in exchange for an honest review. All opinions remain my own. For my full disclosure click here.

A Learning App For Toddlers

Kidloland is an early learning app for children under 5. It introduces letters, phonics, numbers, and information about the world around them through games, songs, stories, and activities. It offers dozens of different activities, promising not to let your little one get bored with doing the same activities over and over.

What I Love About Kidloland

There is a lot to love about this app. The first is that it really does have activities that are appropriate for ages 1 to 5 and beyond, though I think that ages 2 1/2 – 4 will get the most out of it. Although most of the games and activities were too simplistic and easy for my 6 year old 1st grader, she still found some activities that held her interest and challenged her – particularly the “spot the differences” games. Usually she prefers things she knows she will be successful at right away, but this actually had her excited for a challenge. I loved that it worked on skills that she hasn’t developed as much the typical “academic” skills.

I also love that it appeals to a wide variety of interests. Whatever your child is interested in, there is likely multiple games and activities that speak to that. My 4 year old preschooler LOVES construction equipment and garbage trucks and there is actually a game where you can drive the garbage truck down the street and pick up the trash from the houses and then drop it off at the dump.

Kidloland is easy for kids to navigate on their own or with a parent adding value. My 4 year old easily followed each activities directions and was able to entertain himself with it quite well. I also found that if I sat and worked with him as he played, I was able to talk with him about what he was doing and add my own spin on some of the activities. For example, with the garbage truck game, we were able to talk about community and what we do with our trash.

Another thing that I really liked about Kidloland is the equal treatment of upper and lowercase letters. This may seem like a small thing, but I find that most apps, flashcards and toys focus on uppercase letters. This is fine, but learning to identify the lowercase letters is just as important and necessary for being ready to read. When my daughter was in kindergarten last year, she was expected to identify both upper and lowercase letters within the first six weeks. It wasn’t a problem for my daughter, she could do that 2 months in the preschool, but my 4 year old is still working on this and I will definitely be using Kidloland to help him get ready for Kindergarten.

Kidloland For Early Learning

There are many many early learning apps available on all platforms; everything from flashcards to in depth curriculum. What I like about Kidloland is that it covers such a range of foundational learning through many different modes. The visual and auditory components are obvious, but beyond the typical picture and sound reinforcement, children learn through manipulating pieces and moving them around the screen. Many of the games and activities include songs to teach concepts. One of the best aspects is the use of story. There are stories that the child can have read aloud, much like the books on tape that I grew up with. There are also interactive stories that have a gaming component to them. I love these because it truly engages the child in the story.

Kidloland helps children with language arts, literacy, math concepts, social structures, and the arts. It is rare to find all these things in one app. That alone makes it worth the download. While there is a free version, it is limited and you may become frustrated with your children asking for the blocked activities. I recommend investing in the subscription as it is a minimal $4.99/month or $24.99 for 6 months.

You can find the Kidloland app here:

iOS: KidloLand: Kids Nursery Rhymes

Google Play Store: Nursery Rhymes, Kids Games, ABC Phonics, Preschool

Amazon Appstore: Kids Learning Games, Nursery Rhymes, Children Stories, Songs – KidloLand

My one word of caution as a teacher and a mom, don’t think the app should do all of the teaching. Our brains love social interaction and small children learn best when learning with someone. Engage with your child as they play, reinforcing what they are learning and celebrating their success. And always remember to set good boundaries around screen time.

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