Going Back to School for the First Time


Nothing is more exciting and scary all at the same time for a parent and a child than the first back to school season.

What if they don’t like their teacher? What if their teacher doesn’t like them? What if they like their teacher more than me???!!

Are they going to make friends? Are they going to be the right friends?

What if my kid is the troublemaker?

Did I teach them enough? Are they going to be behind?

What if they are advanced and then they’re bored?

What if they cry?

What if I cry?

Here are some tips for handling those first-time nerves:

  1. Chances are if there are tears, they will stop within a few minutes of you leaving and they will be on to the business of making friends and having fun. Don’t dwell on it too much. If it persists past the first couple of days, talk to your child about the source of their anxiety. If they don’t seem to have a reason, it may just be a developed habit and try to break up the routine. Have someone else do the drop off, or take a special no-cry item.
  2. Talk about your favorite memories of pre-k or kindergarten. Kids love to hear about when we were young and how we experienced the same things they are going through now.
  3. Meet and greets. If your school offers meet and greets in advance, take advantage of them. It will make your child a lot more confident that they know who their teacher is and where their classroom is. Also, if your neighborhood has a facebook page or the Next Door App, or if you know, you talk to your neighbors the old fashioned way, see if there is anyone the same age going to the same school and have a meet-up. Two of my daughters best friends were girls that we had ice cream with the summer before kindergarten. (Bonus – You might make some mom/carpool friends)

Since there is no one better to explain what that first day is like than a kid, here are my kids, to tell your kids, not to be afraid of the first day of preschool or kindergarten.

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