Everything Happens in Threes Receives Blogger Recognition Award

When I started writing Everything Happens in Threes, I wasn’t sure if anyone would ever care to read it. Other than my mom, I mean. Actually, I don’t even know if my mom reads this. Mom?

Imagine my surprise when I got a nomination from Serenity Depot for the Blogger Recognition Award! Thank you so much for reading and I’m glad that you found something here you enjoy! I had to read her post several times to make sure she was really talking about me (even though I was tagged in it)!

Please go check out her work at serenitydepot.com and look at her awesome products – especially if you need to get your life organized like I do! Seriously, I’m eyeing that car organizer.

The Story of Everything Happens in Threes

I actually began blogging in 2011 when my daughter Reagan was born with PKU. I wrote mostly to update friends and family about her condition, and progress. Most of those posts are here – I transferred them over. I stopped writing because, for the most part, updates about PKU are pretty boring. Unless you want to know what my kids eat on a daily basis, it’s not really blog material.

Every now and then though, I would get the itch to write. In April 2017, my mom and I started Learning Artistically, which I originally intended to be an education blog, though it has kind of taken a turn more toward professional development. The desire to write and get all these thoughts in my head about motherhood, about being a working mom, about being intentional in our lives, about traveling with children and showing them the world and in creating learning experiences for children made me want a new blog. So, here we are with Everything Happens in Threes, obviously referring to my three beautiful children.

Advice to New Bloggers

  1. You have to engage with your audience. The second I started talking to my readers on social media, I started getting a lot more traffic, interest and engagement.
  2. Talk to other bloggers. Get involved in groups and meet people. There is so much support in the blogging community and you can get so much advice and feedback if you put yourself out there a little bit.
  3. Learn Pinterest. I’m not kidding. Pinterest is such an amazing tool for bloggers and probably the best source that I’ve seen for driving genuine traffic that is interested in your work. I invested in a course and it was money well spent and really not very expensive. If you want to try it out, click here, it is completely comparable to courses that cost 10x the amount. Current coupon code good through Sep 5 is LABORDAY50 for 50% off! Do it NOW!

My Nominees













What Next

I have been blown away by the support and talent in the blogging world. So, I am nominating these ten writers for the Blogger Recognition Award. Some of them are very new, some of them have been around for awhile, but I resonate with all of them and I believe you will too! So for my lovely nominees, keep this up by sharing the story of your blog, giving some advice to new bloggers and nominating 10 more blogs. Don’t forget to tag them on social media or comment on their blog to let them know about their nomination.


Thank you again to Serenity Depot for the nomination, it means the world to me that someone appreciates what I have to share.



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