Book Review: When I Was a Child I Was Always Afraid

One of the most common fears of childhood is a fear of the dark. Shadows and sounds take hold of our little ones’ big imaginations. Michael Cascio’s book “When I Was A Child I Was Always Afraid” takes those fears and shines a light on all those fears.

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Both of my older children have expressed fears of the dark and they HATE to go to sleep on their own. They have big imaginations and thanks to my husband watching scary movies with them, they imagine all sorts of things in the shadows. But as Cascio says in the dedication of the book, nothing in life is to feared, only understood. This book does a wonderful job of identifying common fears kids have and shining the light on them. Scary shapes under the bed are really just lost toys, branches reaching out to grab you in the dark are giving you a friendly wave in the breeze.

My kids loved reading along and guessing what the scary things really were. With each new fear, I asked, “What do you think it really was?” It was a great way to start a conversation with my kids about the things that scare them and what they might be. It has a lovely rhyme scheme that makes things easy for kids to remember and the illustrations are cute and engaging. I love that this book is inspired by the real life lessons of the author’s father. So often, we worry that we don’t say or do the right things to comfort our children, but here is an example of a father’s wise words being passed on, not only to his children’s children, but to children everywhere who have a fear of the dark.

This book makes a great Christmas gift, and indeed a great anytime gift for kids who fear the things that go bump in the night. To order yours today click here or on the picture below.


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