The 10 Best Things About Being A Mom

I only have six years of experience in this department, but here are the things that have warmed my heart since June 22, 2011.

10. Finding things that remind me of my husband or myself in my children.

9. The smile that’s only for mom. It just says, “you are the most important, beautiful person in the world.”

8. The hilarious things they say and do.

7. The evolution of the baby kiss.

6. The first time Reagan spontaneously told me, “I love you Mommy.”

5. When they demonstrate they have learned something I taught them. It actually works!!

4. When one of my kids learns something without me. Their creativity is amazing!

3. Feeling my baby relax in my arms because they know they are safe and content.

2. Hearing my kids make each other laugh.

1. Seeing the love between my children and how genuinely happy they are to see each other.

14 thoughts on “The 10 Best Things About Being A Mom”

  • This post made me tear up a little. It is so accurate. I immediately thought of moments that matched each of the 10 reasons you listed. Children are such a wonderful thing and being a mom is the most rewarding “job” there is.

  • There is nothing better than the bond between a mom and her child. Kids bring something essential to your like that would never realize you were missing without them.

  • What a great list! Ever since my daughter entered this world 10 months ago, I love watching her personality grow and develop. When she smiles at me, my heart simply melts. My favorite thing is when she will crawl up to me and give a little tug on my leg when she is hungry/tired. It just makes me feel so wanted and loved by her. Being a mom is truly one of the most rewarding things there is. I look forward to watching my daughter grow and develop into her own little person! Your kids are so cute and I enjoyed all the pictures you included in your post.

  • I found myself saying, “Yes!” to almost everything on your list. The evolution of the baby kiss is the best. There is nothing better than getting those baby kisses! We must have children around the same ages. Mine are six, four, and 19 months. Being a mom can be challenging at times, but so incredibly rewarding. Thank you so much for reminding me of those times I wouldn’t trade for anything. And, your pictures make the post even better! Love it all!

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